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Construction / chemical plant maintenance / turnarounds are some of the most dangerous industries in the United States. Workers who are performing the heavy labor of working construction can be severely harmed in a variety of different ways. As a worker, it is important to be aware of these injuries and to readily report any injuries from which you are suffering. Even if your injuries are not incredibly serious, it is still wise to report them.

The Focus Four in Construction Accidents

There are a variety of different ways you can suffer injury at a construction site, but the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has identified four main ways this can occur.

The four most common construction accidents are:


Falls can occur for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, workers will trip on cords and tools left on scaffolding and may plummet off the scaffolding to the ground. Other times, workers are on a roof and are not properly secured, causing them to fall. Workers can fall from high ladders or cherry pickers. No matter what the reason for the fall, these accidents can be very serious. Workers may trip on a board left on the ground, or can tumble from stories above the ground.

Caught-In or Between Accidents

Caught-in or between accidents happen when a person is caught in or between tools, machinery, or building materials and is injured as a result. These accidents can happen when workers are operating heavy construction vehicles such as street pavers, or when they are working in structures that are not secure and walls cave in. Sometimes, caught-in or between accidents can occur when a person is working in a trench with piping and the dirt on either side caves in. Regardless of the reason for your accident, if you suffered a caught-in or between incident at a construction site, we want to help.

Struck-By Accidents

If workers aren’t careful, they can be struck by a variety of different tools or materials at a construction site. Cranes and rigging comprise the majority of struck-by accidents. Sometimes individuals can also be struck by boards that are being carried by others, or struck by vehicles at the construction site. Nail guns also present the danger of a struck-by accident. It is very important that all construction workers wear hard hats when on-site and that they are educated as to the dangers of struck-by incidents.


When constructing a building, there are often live, loose wires. Electricians may be most susceptible to electrocution injuries, but all workers can suffer from one of these incidents. It is important for workers to make sure power is turned off when workers are dealing with wires and electricity in any building.

What We Can Do to Help

After hearing about your case, Attorney Joseph H. Jolissaint can provide you with options to pursue your case. He will make sure that you go after the maximum amount of compensation for your serious injuries. Sometimes, construction workers can face complications because they may be individual contractors and subcontractors. We can investigate your situation to see if there is still an employer responsible for your injuries.

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