Supplemental Earning Benefits in Baton Rouge

Supplemental earning benefits (SEB) are a special allowance reserved for individuals who are no longer totally disabled, but have an illness or injury that prevents them from earning at least 90% of what they were earning before the accident. Many individuals may need to switch jobs after an injury and may discover that they are not able to earn as much as they were in their original position.

Our team at Joseph H. Jolissaint can assist you in petitioning for SEB and proving that you are an eligible candidate. SEBs are paid monthly to assist individuals in making ends meet financially. Contact us today to speak with an attorney about Supplemental Earning Benefits and how they can help you after your injury or diagnosis.

How do you apply for Louisiana SEB?

A skilled lawyer can walk you through the process of applying for Louisiana SEB. This involves filing a Louisiana Department of Labor Form 1020 at the end of each month to prove that you are still earning less than you were before your injury. You will need to mail this form to your employers’ representative or the Workers’ Compensation insurance company, and they will then pay the benefits. These parties are not required to pay you the benefits if you do not file the form.

Do you have to be working to receive SEB?

The law requires that you are currently unable to return to the job that you were performing prior to your accident.

How long can you receive work comp checks?

You can receive checks for 520 weeks (10years) or for life depending on the severity of your injury.  You are entitled to benefits for life is you can no longer return to gainful employment.

It has been more than a year since the accident or since my last check, is that a problem?

Depending on the facts or your case, you may still be entitled to make a claim for weekly workers comp checks or to have your workers comp checks restarted.  Call me for a free consultation.  My clients are told they are not entitled to continued checks, but after meeting with me, we are able to show them how the law allows them to still receive benefits.

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