Toxic and Asbestos Exposure Cases in Baton Rouge

Many people assume that you can only seek workers’ compensation if you are injured in a serious accident at work. What these people don’t realize is that individuals have the right to seek compensation for ailments they discover later on in life.

Sometimes, an individual may develop cancer or another illness from exposure to toxic chemicals at a workplace. You may not discover that the chemicals have affected your health until much later, but you still have the right to sue.

Toxic Exposure Claims

There are many different toxic substances that can affect an employee’s health. For example, you may suffer from toxic exposure due to the strong cleaning chemicals you use as a maid at a hotel. You can also suffer toxic exposure from dangerous chemicals and gases that you experiment with in a lab as a scientist, or from the chemicals that leak through a plant where you are an employee.

Oftentimes, the effects of these chemicals aren’t realized until later on in your life. You will want to talk with an attorney if you plan to sue a company that you do not work for currently or if your exposure was years ago.

Asbestos Lawsuits

Asbestos is a fiber found in many construction materials. Workers who perform jobs that involve asbestos have a heightened risk of lung cancer and other cancers. The small fibers can be inhaled during work and can damage the lungs as a result. Many individuals exposed to asbestos are diagnosed with breathing problems and health issues later in life.

Asbestos is classified as a human carcinogen, which means that it can cause cancer. Most often, asbestos results in mesothelioma or lung cancer. The substance has also been known to cause gastrointestinal and colorectal cancers, cancer of the throat, cancer of the kidney, cancer of the esophagus and cancer of the gallbladder.

In addition to cancer risks, asbestos is known to increase the risk of asbestosis, which is an inflammatory condition that can affect the lungs and cause shortness of breath, coughing and permanent lung damage. The substance can also cause other nonmalignant lung and pleural disorders, including pleural plaques.

If you are suffering from toxic exposure or an asbestos-related illness, it may not be too late to seek workers’ compensation. Call our firm today if you want more information!

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