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Joseph H. Jolissaint

  • Southern University Law Center
  • Louisiana State University

Joseph H. Jolissaint is a native of Baton Rouge. He attended LSU for his undergraduate degree. While attending LSU he began working for the East Baton Rouge Clerk of Court as a deputy clerk in criminal records. While working as a deputy clerk, he became interested in the legal process. After getting a glimpse into the aspect of criminal law, he moved on to a job for a law firm as a courier for a local trial attorney. He worked as a courier until he graduated from LSU. The firm he was working for made him a very enticing offer to stay as a legal assistant versus taking a job as an adjuster with AIG insurance.

Three years went by and he began to realize that he was doing most of the work that the attorneys were getting paid to do, so he might as well go to law school.

In 2000, he started law school at Southern University Law Center. Three years later after graduating with honors and passing the bar, he decided it was time for a change. He wanted to get instant trial experience so he researched the number of lawsuit filed per capita and discovered Marksville, Louisiana was the third highest in the state. He focused his job search in Marksville where he landed a job with a plaintiff trial attorney. He moved to Marksville on a Friday, enrolled in a case that day so he could sit second chair for a trial starting that Monday. The next day he learned that his boss has decided to stay a few days longer on a fishing trip out of the country and that he would have to try the case on Monday himself. Trial started and after a two day trial the judge awarded a judgment totaling $900,000.00 to the parents who had lost a child in a car accident. He enjoyed his time in Marksville where he received instant trial experiences, but being from Baton Rouge he wanted to return home. Upon returning home to Baton Rouge, he worked for a small plaintiff firm until 2007.

So, in May of 2007, he opened Joseph H. Jolissaint Attorney at Law, L.L.C. His practice is focused towards personal injury cases and Louisiana workers’ compensation claims. Currently he is a member of the Louisiana Association of Justice, Louisiana Workers’ Injury Law Advocacy Group, and was previously appointed by the Governor as the plaintiffs’ attorney representative to the Workers’ Compensation Advisory Council.


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